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June 06, 2024



This month of June holds many milestones for Maine Initiatives. We’re now a staff of eleven with Alana Dao and Stacey Tran joining the team! Alana and Stacey are already beloved members of our communities and it’s a huge honor to begin working with them both in this capacity. We’re also settling into our new […]

February 06, 2024


An abstract design with a book cover in red

Love is Paying Attention

I like awkward. Such a human emotion. Even the word itself is awkward. Who approved that spelling? It is the platypus of words.

December 22, 2023


A closeup pic of sprouting plants in a garden container

New Beginnings

January is a time for new beginnings. Renewal. As we kick off the new year, I am very excited to announce that here at Maine Initiatives we are embarking on a new era in our organizational leadership.

November 02, 2023


When All of the Answers Are Wrong

Those of you who know me will know that I am committed to bringing the language of love into our public discourse because I believe that this is part of advancing justice: wresting love out of the private domains of home and hearth and bringing it into the complex realities of building beloved community.

October 02, 2023


How can we be good citizens?

For the past couple years, I have facilitated a senior seminar at a local university. The seminar focuses on “Citizenship”, and encourages students to be involved in community service learning, to gain understanding of local politics through attendance at a city or town government meeting, and to practice civil discourse with classmates around social issues and current events.

September 11, 2023


Maine Initiatives Fall 2023 COVID-19 Protocols

All Maine Initiatives’ in-person events follow COVID-19 protocols aligned with current recommendations from the CDC.  Masking is currently optional. Masks and hand sanitizer will be available at all events, as a safety precaution for anyone who wants it. We strive to host events with outdoor seating options when possible, weather permitting.  Maine Initiatives asks that […]