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Together, We Create Justice.

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We Are All Philanthropists.

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Change Happens In Community.

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Be A Changemaker.

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We Build Community

Change happens in community. We bring people together around shared values and work collectively for a more just and equitable Maine.

We Move Money

We get money into the hands of leaders doing critical organizing and activism for justice. How? We raise money and turn it over to the community to decide how it should be used.

We Support Organizers and Activists

There is amazing justice and equity work happening throughout our state. We connect you with Maine’s Change-makers —Black, Brown, Indigenous, Immigrant, and Latinx leaders — and fund the movements that empower us all.


G4C 2022 Reader Workshop Announcement!

G4C 2022 Reader Workshop Announcement! We are thrilled to announce that everyone who volunteers to be a Grants for Change Proposal Reader this year will also have the opportunity to participate in a free workshop designed and led by our partners at Groundwater Institute.  We are offering this workshop opportunity based on feedback we have received from community members that volunteer Proposal Readers would benefit from a level-setting workshop that offers shared vocabulary and understanding around institutional, structural, and systemic racism. A data-rich presentation, this three-hour, participatory workshop will connect individual and collective experience to larger structural, cultural, and public phenomena, and will create opportunities for group discussion and connection with other proposal readers.  If you have signed up to be a reader, please register for one of the two sessions below: Monday, October 17th 1:00 – 4:00 pm Register for Monday Here Thursday, October 20th 3:00 – 6:00 pm Register for Thursday Here Still need to sign up as a Proposal Reader? See more information and the application here.

I'm Ready To...

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Give A Gift of Justice

Maine Initiatives is a community of individuals advancing justice and equity in Maine through informed, intentional, and collective philanthropy. Even so, many of us don't think of ourselves as...

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