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A statement to our community calling for ceasefire

***A statement to our community calling for ceasefire***

Our work is here in Maine. We are a community of people coming together around shared values of justice, equity, and community to build communities rooted in a vision of “right relationship.” 

These values and this vision compel us to raise our voices in a call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

We mourn the violence, death, inhumanity, and suffering perpetrated in Israel on October 7th and in Gaza and occupied Palestinian territories in the days, weeks, and months since. Our hearts are heavy with care, concern, and compassion for so many lives lost and so much harm done.

  • We call for an immediate and bilateral negotiated ceasefire. 
  • We call for the safe release and return of all hostages. 
  • We urge all parties to ensure that violence and war do not metastasize to other fronts.
  • We implore all those in positions of power and authority to work towards a two-state solution that secures safety, dignity, freedom, and opportunity for Palestinians and Israelis alike. 

We believe that a more just and equitable world is possible. We believe that we all have a role to play in making the possible real. 

In our work, that means continuing to support our community partners doing the frontline work of supporting immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers seeking to make their homes in our communities. 

It means centering and elevating the voices of our community partners doing critical community organizing and advocacy as essential tools for advancing racial justice. 

It also means using our own voice. In this spirit, we add our voices to those urging Maine’s Congressional delegation and the Biden Administration to take affirmative positive action for peace. Specifically, we call upon our elected leaders to do the following: 

  • Advocate for an immediate ceasefire and the safe release and return of the hostages. 
  • Ensure ample humanitarian assistance is provided to directly impacted communities in Gaza.
  • Make the long-term financial, moral, and material commitments that will create the conditions for both Palestinians and Israelis alike to live, coexist, and flourish in peace and security. 

– The Maine Initiatives Board and Staff