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Dear Friends,

This crisis has laid bare the wealth inequities in our country for all to see. We are traditionally so private about how we spend our money, but for us these unprecedented times call for nontraditional action.

My family is honored to share our stimulus money and to share our stimulus story with all of you.

Amidst all of the uncertainty and sadness of COVID-19 I know that my family is privileged. We have all remained healthy. With my job at Maine Initiatives and my partner’s as an elementary school teacher, we know we have two incomes that are not at risk and rewarding work that can be done remotely. We have a home, enough food, and can pay our bills. So, when we received our stimulus money earlier this month, we committed to sharing our check with our community–50% to nonprofits and 50% to local businesses and community members in need.

We know so many of our friends and neighbors are not experiencing the same privilege in this time of crisis. That knowledge makes us even more determined to distribute our funds.

This weekend we donated $1,400. More than we’ve ever been able to give out at one time, and it truly felt like we were making a difference in combating COVID-19.

Our money went to support the Southern Maine Workers’ Center, the Maine Prisoner Advocacy CoalitionPresente! Maine’s People’s Emergency Fund, Maine Initiatives’ COVID-19 Community Care Fund, as well as our local food bank.

If you are in a privileged situation like us, we invite you to join in this act of community solidarity and mutual aid and share your stimulus.

In Solidarity,

Andrea & The Berry Family

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