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Help us reach our $300,000 goal by 7/1 for Maine Asylum Seeker Crisis Support.Donate Today!

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Maine Asylum Seeker Crisis Support

Maine Asylum Seeker Crisis Support
Maine Initiatives announces an urgent call to action to donate to the Immigrant-Led Organizations Fund to support the asylum seeker response in Maine.



May 31, 2023

Immigrant-Led organizations are leading the asylum seeker response in Maine, working on the front lines with the individuals and families currently being housed in the Portland Expo, in municipal shelters, in local hotels, and arriving in Sanford, Brunswick, and other cities statewide. 

These organizations are in need of immediate resources to continue providing asylees with the essential direct services that support their physical, social, legal, and economic survival. 

By donating to the Immigrant-Led Organizations (ILO) Fund you:

  • Demonstrate your support for the human right to asylum
  • Empower community leaders and organizations with lived experience of immigration
  • Take part in creating a more welcoming and equitable Maine

Donate to the ILO Fund today and help us reach our $300,000 goal by July 1st. These funds will go directly to immigrant-led organizations including the following:

Action for Life
Angolan Community of Maine
Congolese Community of Maine
Furniture Friends
Gateway Community Services
Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center
Hope Acts
Immigrant Resource Center
In Her Presence
Maine Access Immigrant Network
Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition
Maine Immigrant Refugee Services
Prosperity Maine
Rwanda Community Association of Maine
Welcoming Immigrant Neighbors

Maine Asylum Seeker Crisis Support is a rapid response effort of the Immigrant-Led Organizations Fund at Maine Initiatives.

Maine Initiatives is a community-based foundation supporting social, economic, and environmental justice in Maine through informed, intentional, and collective philanthropy. Our core programs are Grants for Change, the Immigrant Led Organizations Fund, the Outdoor Equity Fund, The Giving Project, and MaineShare

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