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Activism is Community Care

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Dear Friend,

Our systems are broken.

The lack of charges against Breonna Taylor’s murderers is another painful reminder of the way racism is baked into the laws and policies of our country. This denial of justice reflects a pattern of incalculable harm done to Black and Indigenous communities over many generations, and still today.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic rages on. And as the federal government refuses to act, the racially disproportionate impacts of this crisis – housing insecurity, food scarcity, health inequity, educational disparity, and income inequality – worsen.

We need to replace these broken systems with ones that center community and offer reparative care to those most impacted. The COVID-19 Community Care Fund is doing just that: getting money into the hands of activists and organizers who are turning the tide in the fight against systemic racism.

These leaders are undaunted. We must be undaunted too. Their organizing, advocacy, and activism is our lifeline. That’s why we are honored to announce $105,000 in grants through the COVID-19 Community Care Fund to support a more just Maine.

If we want to change the broken systems, then we need to support those who know how to fix them.  

In Solidarity,

The Maine Initiatives Team

COVID-19 Community Care Fund’s Newest Grantees:

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