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What We Do

What We Do

A small foundation with a big impact.

Our work is about more than money. It is about people. It is about individual and collective transformation. It is about you: your conviction about what’s possible for our community and your generosity in showing up, speaking up, and becoming an agent of change for a better Maine. That’s progressive social change philanthropy. And that’s how we’re transforming Maine. Together.

We Connect People

We engage and connect people around shared values of racial, social, economic, and environmental justice in Maine. We bring people together to build relationships, to learn more about the issues in their communities, and to feel empowered to make change.

We Leverage Money

We leverage dollars from the community to make grants to grassroots organizations across the state. Through pooling funds, we are able to combine many independent acts to strengthen progressive activism in Maine.

We Mobilize Community

We mobilize a range of collective resources to unlock our collective power. Our community-based approach to philanthropy explicitly honors the voice, vision, and values that each of us can contribute in the pursuit of justice and equity.

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