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Announcing the Solidarity Fund

We stand with our immigrant and refugee neighbors against a climate of growing uncertainty, anxiety, and hardship.

In response, we are mobilizing on behalf of Maine’s immigrant community in

rallies, in protests, and on social media. We are inspired by the outpouring of support for the organizations standing up for immigrants in our courts and on the national stage.
We also recognize the need to stand in solidarity with – and provide support to – the immigrant-led organizations that are on the front lines of this crisis here in our communities.
Today, we announce the Solidarity Fund, a new grantmaking initiative that provides a direct and immediate way to support immigrant-led organizations in Maine. We invite you to join us.
This Fund translates community solidarity into meaningful and tangible support. The Solidarity Fund will use 100% of your donations to make rapid-response grants to immigrant-led organizations across our state.

With support from several foundation partners, including The Bingham Program, The Betterment Fund, and the John T. Gorman Foundation, Maine Initiatives has raised $20,000 for The Solidarity Fund and now we turn to you to match these pledges. Help us raise $50,000 for immigrant-led organizations in Maine right now.

Join us as we act in solidarity with Maine’s immigrant community. Donate now.  

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