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Discover Participatory Grantmaking

Discover Participatory Grantmaking

Discover Participatory Grantmaking

“Bless the poets, the workers for justice,
the dancers of ceremony, the singers of heartache,
the visionaries, all makers and carriers of fresh
meaning—We will all make it through,
despite the politics and wars, despite failures
and misunderstandings. There is only love.”

— Joy Harjo

Maine Initiatives is committed to using a broadly participatory, community-based grantmaking process to:

  • Identify, mobilize, and leverage key financial and non-financial resources in our community; and
  • Engage and connect our community members around the work of racial justice in Maine.

As part of the 2021 Grants for Change process, we invite the community to join the participatory grantmaking process to:

  • Learn about racial justice issues and work from those leading the efforts in Maine;
  • Reflect on and respond to this work; and
  • Take meaningful action to support on-going racial justice work in the state.

To learn more about being a Participant in the 2021 G4C grantmaking process, please see Become a Participant.

To participate in the 2021 G4C grantmaking process, please complete the Call to Participants form.

The Principles of Our 2021 Participatory Grantmaking Process

The Return or Rightful Realignment of Resources and Decision-Making About Resources:

Fund – We are committed to strengthening BIPOC-led organizations (Community Leaders) that are doing community building, mutual aid, and racial justice work in response to racism, white supremacy, and settler colonialism in Maine.

Strengthen – Our vision is for G4C to be a fully movement-led grantmaking process by the fall of 2022. To this end, we are committing to strengthen relationships with and between Community Leaders during the movement- and community-led redesign of G4C. 

Equity & Mindfulness – Traditional grantmaking is extractive of and taxing on the organizations and communities it purports to support. We minimize the work grantmaking creates for Community Leaders, while creating much-needed space for healing and community building, especially as we continue to be in the midst of the pandemic.

Impactful Engagement & Meaningful Connection –  Recognizing that funding is insufficient to bring about the social and institutional changes needed, we see our participatory grantmaking as a community organizing strategy rooted in shared values and commitments. Through our participatory grantmaking process, we offer participants opportunities for learning, reflection and involvement. In so doing, we seek to meet participants where they are and move them toward more responsive and impactful engagement with racial justice work in Maine.

Become a Participant

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