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Our Grants

Rapid Response Fund

Rapid Response Funds

We give grants that meet unexpected needs as quickly as they arise.



This Grant Is By Invitation Only

  • Through the COVID-19 Community Care Fund, we make rapid-response grants to the grassroots organizations led by – and advocating for – those who are most at risk in the COVID-19 pandemic: Indigenous, Black and immigrant folks, working class, low income, and poor people; and those who are too often pushed to the margins through incarceration, homelessness, disability, etc.
  • 100% of funds raised to go to organizations playing leadership roles in organizing and advocating for those who are most directly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Grants from the COVID-19 Community Care Fund are only open to existing Maine Initiatives grantees. Eligible grantees must have received a previous grant from the Grants for Change program, the Immigrant-Led Organizations Fund, the Solidarity Fund, a Donor-Advised fund housed at Maine Initiatives, or a Staff-Discretionary Grant.

Give specifically to the COVID-19 Community Care Fund today – to help those who suddenly need it to survive in the short term, so we can all be better positioned to thrive in the long term.



  • The Solidarity Fund translates community solidarity with our immigrant and refugee neighbors into meaningful and tangible support.

Give specifically to the Solidarity Fund today – to provide immediate support for the kind of immigrant-led organizations who must always be recognized as fundamental builders of the evolving Maine – and American – story.

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