The Flannel Shirt Fund

The Flannel Shirt Fund is a donor-advised fund at Maine Initiatives. The Fund’s objective is to connect schools and farms and children to gardens. Grant support is provided for activities including:

  • Development of gardens and greenhouses at schools.
  • Developing cafeteria programs that buy local produce and products and engage students in growing and preparing some of their food.
  • Field trips to local farms.
  • Presentations and workshops on farming, foraging and sustainable agriculture.
  • The purchase of gardening books and lesson plans.
  • Older students applying their knowledge of gardening by teaching younger students.

The Flannel Shirt fund will award grants of up to $400 to classrooms or small groups. If several classrooms or groups are connecting on a project, the cap is $1,200.

Application deadlines: June 1, October 1, February 1.

Please contact us to apply.

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