Tree Street Youth

Unlike cities throughout Maine, Lewiston-Auburn is experiencing a substantial population increase fueled by a large influx of immigrants and refugees. Thus, Tree Street has developed programming that addresses the unique challenges of this youth population. The organization plays a pivotal role in ensuring permanent access to the additional academic and social supports needed to create educational equity within the student population and transition youth into successful adults. This is both imperative for realizing individual student aspirations and positioning youth as key players in Maine’s long-term economic growth.

Adjusting the lens on the youth population creates new perspectives for solving larger systemic issues. Youth needs are often an extension of household needs and rarely does Tree Street attempt to isolate the two. Properly supporting youth sometimes requires connecting parents with resources that support their own needs and aspirations. With partnerships with over forty organizations who offer programing and services either on-site or through aggressive coordination, Tree Street has created a model for culturally competent resource integration that is both replicable and necessary throughout Maine communities.

Tree aims to train and educate youth in a fashion that allows both themselves and the community to fully realize the mutually shared benefits that racial and ethnic minorities can bring to towns and cities throughout the State.

Tree Street Youth

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