Desiree Vargas

Grants for Change Co-Lead

As a community racial justice advocate, DEI educator, anthropology scholar, and racial equity consultant Desiree’s priority work is for Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color. Her activism is unique, in that it centers around empowering people through redistribution of resources, cultural preservation, mutual aid, community organizing, community herbalism, community food and
garden projects, harm reduction, anti-gender based violence advocacy, Indigenous sovereignty, and decolonized activism. In addition she has nonprofit experience in administration, grant writing, communications, and operations. Desiree will be dedicating her skills to the Grants for Change program. Through this program she will be forming meaningful relationships with community members in an equitable and inclusive way to rematriate resources back to communities that need it most. Desiree is the co-founder of Racial Equity and Justice Organization and Firm. She has served on several committees over the years including Bangor’s racial justice and human rights committee. She is a council woman of her tribe, Higuayagua Taino People of the Caribbean. She travels the path of liberation, resilience, and holistic healing by embracing her cultural lifeways and ancestral teachings, while encouraging others to do the same.

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