Solidarity Fund Grantees

The Solidarity Fund translates community solidarity with our immigrant and refugee neighbors into meaningful and tangible support.

2019 Solidarity Fund Grantees

Recognized for their extraordinary work in the summer and fall of 2019, these four organizations led the support, rehousing, and acculturation efforts for more than 400 asylum seekers arriving in Portland from the southern US border.

Angolan Community of Maine (ACM) is a non-profit community-based organization that was founded and is led-by a group of current and former Angolan refugees and immigrants, primarily for the advancement of immigrants.” ACM is established in the State of Maine cities/communities with sizeable Angolan populations and provide a myriad of funded or volunteer-led programs.

ACM provision serves a growing Angolan community in the State of Maine.  ACM is regarded as culturally and linguistically competent provider and is apt in identifying and responding to the needs of diverse immigrants and ethnic (Angolan) populations in short-, medium-, and long-term integration efforts. ACM service provisions generally include but are not limited to: Case Management; Information and Referral; Interpretation and Translation Services; Emergency Relief; Health Education and Promotion; Social and Cultural Services; Employment Facilitation; Workforce Development; Youth Empowerment Services; Community Engagement and Advocacy; Naturalization and Citizenship Services; etc.

Congolese Community of Maine, a community based organization, mission is to facilitate integration and orientation of Congolese people in Maine. It assists Congolese families in search of affordable housing, food services, employment, childcare services, and general basic needs. CocoMaine promotes entrepreneurship and Congolese culture and value through educational workshops, social events, public forums.

Gateway Community Services is a nonprofit serving immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in the state of Maine. Serving both Portland and Lewiston, they offer support while creating opportunities for connection between immigrant, refugee, and asylee community members and their neighbors. Gateway is led for and by the people it serves. Programs and services are given from the heart and from first hand experience.

Maine Immigrants’ Rights Coalition strives to improve the legal, social and economic conditions experienced by Maine’s Immigrants – enhancing their lives and strengthening Maine – through advocacy, information sharing, and fostering collaboration among member organizations.

This mission is important and specific in Maine as the coalition is the umbrella for the immigrants’ rights movement in Maine. With 52 member organizations, MIRC is one of the most diverse coalition in Maine. From immigrant groups, advocacy organizations to service providers and faith congregations, the coalition encompasses most of the constituencies that care about immigrants’ rights and immigrant integration.

2017 Solidarity Fund Grantees

Recognized for their efforts in supporting immigrant communities across Maine, the twelve Solidarity Fund grantees support a breadth of immigrant-led activism and organizing for immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. The Solidarity Fund grantees are:

Arab American Culture and Entertainment Organization: The Arab American Culture and Entertainment Organization brings together New Mainers who come from countries in the Near East and Middle East and who share the Arabic language to develop and create sustainable spaces in Maine to express the art, culture, and history of the Arab World.

Capital Area New Mainers Project: The Capital Area New Mainers Project is an all-volunteer organization that welcomes immigrants and refugees and helps them thrive in Central Maine.

Congolese Community Association of Maine: The Congolese Community of Maine is a non profit organization that has for mission to help its members to assimilate and integrate into the United States of America through education. We believe that education is among the best options that promotes an equal financial stability, social justice, healthy community and cultural exchange by creating specific programs to fit the needs of our members. Those programs empower them to become educated citizens.

Djibouti Community and Volunteer Services: Djibouti Community and Volunteer Services supports the members of the Djibouti Community and their families through the resettlement, acculturation, integration, and citizenship process who are living in the Twin Cities of Lewiston and Auburn, Maine and the surrounding towns.

Empower the Immigrant Woman: Empower the Immigrant Woman works to “Empower, Educate & Inspire the Immigrant Woman.”  EIW works to motivate Maine’s immigrant women to come together during the event to raise awareness of their challenges, network with potential employers, and honor their community “Trailblazers”.

In Her Presence: Organized and Led by immigrant women living in Maine, In Her Presence strives to bring together immigrant women from across communities and generations to ensure that Maine’s economic agenda includes the aspirations and needs of immigrant women. They create spaces that support women’s empowerment and personal ambitions without losing our unique identity and connect immigrant women and girls for collective empowerment in their communities to address common challenges and issues.

Iraqi Community Association of Maine: The Iraqi Community Association of Maine aids in the resettlement of refugee and immigrant in the state of ME by providing assistance, training, resources and opportunities the promote self-sufficiency and integration of new Americans, including the development of an experienced, multinational staff and consultant team.

New England Arab American Organization: New England Arab American Organization (NEAAO) helps ease the integration of Arab Immigrants into the American society and bridge the gap between the cultures.

Rwandese Community Association of Maine: RCAM provides cultural and economic integration guidance to Rwandan Immigrants in Maine through education, information sharing and connection to a variety of services, resources and opportunities.

Somali Community Center of Maine: The Somali Community Center of Maine (SCCM) is a located in Portland, Maine, and is dedicated to supporting Maine’s Somali immigrants and their families through advocacy, mentorship, youth activities, and literacy. The SCCM seeks to help community members overcome linguistic and cultural barriers to achieve educational and economic opportunity and to become successfully integrated into the U.S. society.

Sustainable Livelihoods Relief Organization: Sustainable Livelihoods Relief Organization develops the capacity of New Mainers to become productive and useful members of society and integrate successfully into the labor market as both employees and business owners in order to raise their standard of living, strengthen their resilience to adversity, and create a supportive environment for improved community well-being.

United Youth Empowerment Services: United Y.E.S. empowers immigrant youth through original and compelling film and video productions intended to excite, educate, inspire, reveal the human spirit, and create positive social change.

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