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Maine Initiatives is convening a broad-based group of community representatives to assist in the decision making process for our 2019 Grants for Change program. This is an open call for applicants. Individuals are invited to apply to join our grantmaking process as Proposal Readers and to indicate their interest in joining the Grantmaking Committee.

This application will only take a few minutes to complete.

  • Applications are due July 25, 2018, to be submitted via this form.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Maine Initiatives Board and Staff.
  • Individuals selected to be Proposal Readers will be contacted directly by Maine Initiatives staff no later than July 31, 2018.

For more information about the participatory grantmaking process visit:

***If you have trouble with this online form for whatever reason, please feel free to complete the questions in an email or document, and send your answers to Thanks!



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