What We Learned

Maine Insights engaged participants in a facilitated conversation that was structured around three questions. Through this process, we have gained a deeper understanding of the most resonant justice and equity issues in the community and are increasing our capacity to act in support of those priorities.


The first question asked each individual to interrogate their own ideas, feelings, and awareness about justice and equity in our state:

What is one insight you have about social, economic, and environmental justice in Maine?



The second question asked the group to identify and discuss specific justice and equity opportunities and issues that they observed or perceived in the community:

As you look around, in your community or across the state, what are the most pressing justice and equity opportunities or issues you perceive?



The third question asked participants to identify specific steps we can take—individually or collectively—to advance justice and equity in Maine:

What is one thing we must do to advance justice and equity in Maine?



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