Immigrant-Led Organizations Fund

To fund and strengthen emerging and established immigrant-led, community-based organizations in Maine.

The Immigrant-Led Organizations Fund was established in 2017 with the support of the Broad Reach Fund to support immigrant-led and immigrant-serving organizations in Maine. The Fund currently operates as a pooled fund of the Immigrant & Refugee Funders Collaborative, providing general operating support to organizations led by and serving Maine’s immigrants, refugees, asylees, migrant farm workers and those who are undocumented. Learn more about the Immigrant-Led Organizations Fund grantees HERE.

About the Immigrant & Refugee Funders Collaborative
The Immigrant & Refugee Funders Collaborative comprises 11 foundations committed to supporting immigrants and refugees in Maine. Members include the Betterment Fund, the Clowes Fund, Elmina B. Sewall Foundation, John T. Gorman Foundation, Maine Community Foundation, Maine Initiatives, Maine Health Access Foundation, Maine Women’s Fund, Rocking Moon Foundation, Sam L. Cohen Foundation, and the United Way of Greater Portland

NOTE: The ILO Fund is not taking applications at this time.

If you need translation help with information related to The Immigrant-Led Organizations Fund, please email Shima Kabirigi at or call 207-607-4070.

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