Grassroots Global Justice Panel & Report Out

Grassroots Global Justice Panel & Report Out

DATE   February 23, 2019   9:45am - 12:00pm
Southern Maine Workers' Center
Southern Maine Workers' Center
56 North St. Suite 100, Portland, Maine 04101

SMWC is a member of a national coalition of grassroots organizations: Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ). A panel of SMWC members who have attended GGJ events in the last year will report out their experiences. We’ll discuss GGJ’s focus on grassroots feminism, demilitarization, and climate justice, and how our work at SMWC is a part of a mass global liberation movement.

The panel includes:
Nickie Sekera (Direct Action Camp)
Sergio Cahueque (GGJ Membership Assembly & Solidarity to Solutions Summit)
Lis Janes (Solidarity to Solutions Summit)
Drew Joy (Solidarity to Solutions, and Coordinating Committee)
Ina Demers (Anti-Kavanaugh delegation)

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Breakfast & Childcare provided!

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