Anti-Trafficking Awareness Day at State House

Anti-Trafficking Awareness Day at State House

DATE   January 10, 2019   6:00pm - 8:00pm
LOCATION   Maine's State House: Hall of Flags
Survivor Speak USA

From the newsletter:


Survivor Speak USA (SSUSA) is proud to host this year’s Annual Anti-Trafficking Awareness Day event at Maine’s State House on Thursday, January 10th, 2019–and we hope you will join us. The day’s program will focus broadly on ‘aftercare’ for survivors who have escaped a life of trafficking and sexual exploitation, but still navigate the enduring impacts and repercussions of their experiences—on their physical and mental health, economic opportunities, and families. We seek to draw attention to the myriad policy interventions, resources, and services that survivors need in order to forge a new pathway in life, beyond exploitation. We want a world where there are no more Forgotten Women & all survivors have the tools, support, and resources necessary to heal and thrive. Take a peek below at the program schedule, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have!

Folks who have been following the work of Survivor Speak USA for the past few years will be familiar with our call for Maine lawmakers to provide a pathway forward for survivors of sex trafficking & sexploitation in the form of vacatur. Last year at this same event, SSUSA advocates vowed to make vacatur a priority issue for 2019, and this session we are launching a legislative campaign to win vacatur (a form of post-conviction relief) for Maine’s survivors. We will be sharing more details about our bill and sponsors in the weeks ahead–as well as at the State House event, and we look forward to partnering with allies to advocate alongside survivors for this critical policy change.


• From 9:00 until noon: Visit tables and learn from a range of organizations working to end sex trafficking & sexual exploitation in Maine, as well as provide services to survivors.
• At 10 am: Hear survivors, providers, and allies speak on the topic of how we can create a Maine where survivors heal, thrive, and lead.
• Online: If you cannot join us in person, you can still follow Survivor Speak USA and the hashtag #VacaturIsFreedom on Facebook & Twitter to see live video & updates. You can also join the conversation using the hashtag.

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