A Meal for Malaga: Staged Reading

A Meal for Malaga: Staged Reading

DATE   January 16, 2018   7:00pm - 9:00pm
LOCATION   Studio Theater at Portland Stage
Theater Ensemble of Color
Portland Stage 25A Forest Avenue, Portland, Maine 04101

In 1911 the island of Malaga, a small, multi-racial community off the coast of Maine, was evacuated by the state. Even the bodies in the cemetery were re-buried at the School for the Feebleminded, where many inhabitants were incarcerated. A century passed before any apology was issued.

This one-act play considers what may have happened to cause the evacuation of Malaga Island, Maine. Inspired by real persons and events, this hundred year old history of racism and silence towards the island are all put on the table as the quest for its positive future continues.
Written by Christina W. Richardson


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